An overview of the Workflow toolset

The Workflow toolset contains toolsets and tools that are used as part of the Topographic Mapping production workflows.

The Topographic Mapping production workflow tools are designed using the concepts of task groups and tasks. A task is a small, focused unit of work that can be executed by one person. Task groups are composed of multiple tasks that, when executed in sequence, complete a type of work. For example, a task group to perform data extraction can be composed of tasks to collect data, validate the data, and publish the data. By creating small, focused tasks as individual jobs, organizations can achieve better tracking and reporting on the time it takes to complete the various tasks and stages of production.

Tools in the Workflow toolset are intended to be used as steps in Workflow Manager (Classic) workflows. Preconfigured workflows using these tools are available as part of the ArcGIS Production Mapping product files. All tools in this toolset require a connection to a Workflow Manager (Classic) repository and the ID for a valid job in the repository.


Data Management

The Data Management toolset contains tools that set the data source and stage job files for automated workflows.


The Properties toolset contains tools that set the workspace, extended production type properties, and update an extended property count used for metrics in an automated workflow.


The Tasks toolset contains tools that create, execute, and report status on jobs in an automated workflow.

Toolsets in the Workflow toolset.

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