An overview of Jobs toolset

Available with Workflow Manager license.


ArcGIS Workflow Manager (Classic) will retire after ArcGIS Pro 3.4. The following tools are now deprecated. It is recommended that current Workflow Manager (Classic) users begin new projects using the services-driven ArcGIS Workflow Manager for ArcGIS Pro.

Learn more about the deprecation of Workflow Manager (Classic)

The ArcGIS Workflow Manager (Classic) Jobs toolset provides tools that allow you to get job-specific information that can be used for other data processing. With the tools in this toolbox, you can create jobs, retrieve job version, job's data workspace, and get job area of interest.

Create New Jobs

Creates one or more jobs of the selected job type and assigns the jobs to a user or user group. The created jobs can be prioritized and assigned a polygon or point location of interest (LOI).

Get Job AOI

Gets the job's location of interest (LOI) as a feature layer. The output layer has either the polygon representing the area of interest (AOI) of the job or point representing the point of interest (POI) of the job.

Get Job Data Workspace

Gets the job data workspace as an enterprise geodatabase connection file. This tool is typically used in ModelBuilder to retrieve the connection file for use as an input to other tools such as Reconcile Versions in the model.

Get Job Parent Version

Gets the parent version of a job as an enterprise geodatabase connection file to be used for posting edits in a geoprocessing model to the correct parent version.

Get Job Version

Gets the job version as an enterprise geodatabase connection file to process data in a version.

Post Job Version

Post the current version edits to the parent version of the job.

Tools in the Workflow Manager (Classic) Jobs toolset

The following tools were available in this toolset prior to ArcGIS Pro 1.2, but have been removed since they are now replaced by new tools.


Create Jobs

Use the Create New Jobs tool. Jobs created can be assigned to users, groups or be unassigned. Jobs can be created with point of interest (POI) as well as area of interest (AOI).

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