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An overview of the Functional Surface toolset

The Functional Surface toolset provides geoprocessing tools that perform analysis operations using features and various surface types.


Add Surface Information

Attributes features with spatial information derived from a surface.

Fence Diagram

Constructs a vertical cross-section of a collection of surfaces.

Interpolate Shape

Creates 3D features by interpolating z-values from a surface.

Intersect 3D Line With Surface

Computes the geometric intersection of 3D line features and one or more surfaces to return the intersection as segmented line features and points.

Stack Profile

Creates a table and optional graph denoting the profile of line features over one or more multipatch, raster, TIN, or terrain surfaces.

Surface Volume

Calculates the area and volume of the region between a surface and a reference plane.

Overview tools in the Functional Surface toolset

The following tools that were available in the 3D Analyst toolbox prior to version 10.0 have been replaced by the enhanced Add Z Information geoprocessing tool.

Geoprocessing ToolRecommendation

Surface Length

Use the Add Z Information tool to calculate the surface length of each line input line feature based on a surface.

Surface Spot

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