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Analyze LAS Runway Obstacles


Analyzes lidar data and Obstruction Identification Surfaces (OIS) to determine if lidar points are penetrating.


  • The Input OIS Features parameter must be a multipatch feature class that contains the OIS.

  • The Input LAS Obstacles parameter is a lidar (LAS) dataset.

  • A point feature is generated, and output for each lidar point that falls within the area is covered by the OIS, where the height of that point exceeds the height of the OIS feature at that point. The x- and y- point coordinates are the same as the lidar point with which the output point is associated.

    Delta Z

  • This tool requires an ArcGIS 3D Analyst extension license.


AnalyzeLASRunwayObstacles_aviation (in_ois_features, in_las_obstacles, out_obstacle_feature_class)
ParameterExplanationData Type

The input multipatch features representing one or more OIS. The feature class must be z-enabled.

Feature Layer

The input lidar (LAS) dataset that contains 3D data points covering the area around an airport. The points represent a 3D view of natural and man-made objects that could pose a hazard to flight.

LAS Dataset Layer

The output point features that represent lidar points in OIS features, where the height of the lidar point is greater than the height of the enclosing OIS feature at that point.

Feature Class

Code sample

AnalyzeLASRunwayObstacles example (stand-alone script)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the AnalyzeLASRunwayObstacles tool.

import arcpy

#set gp environment

# Input Obstruction Identification Surface Feature Class
inOISFeatures = r"C:\data\ois.gdb\ObstructionIdSurface"

# Input LAS Obstacle Data
inLASObstacles = r"C:\data\PotentialObstacles.lasd"

# Feature class that will contain the output obstacles
outObstacleFeatures = r"C:\data\ois.gdb\ActualObstacles"

# Processing AnalyzeLASRunwayObstacles
arcpy.AnalyzeLASRunwayObstacles_aviation(inOISFeatures, inLASObstacles, outObstacleFeatures)



Licensing information

  • Basic: No
  • Standard: Requires Aviation Airports
  • Advanced: Requires Aviation Airports

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