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An overview of the Summarize Data toolset

The Summarize Data toolset contains tools that calculate total counts, lengths, areas, and basic descriptive statistics of features and their attributes within areas or near other features.

This toolset uses distributed processing to complete analytics on your GeoAnalytics Server.


Aggregate Points

Aggregates points into polygon features or bins. At all locations where points exist, a polygon is returned with a count of points as well as optional statistics.

Join Features

Joins attributes from one layer to another based on spatial, temporal, or attribute relationships, or a combination of those relationships.

Reconstruct Tracks

Creates tracks (either lines or polygons) from time-enabled input data.

Summarize Attributes

Calculates summary statistics for fields in a feature class.

Summarize Within

Overlays a polygon layer with another layer to summarize the number of points, length of the lines, or area of the polygons within each polygon, and calculates attribute field statistics about those features within the polygons.

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