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An overview of the Analysis toolset

Available with Business Analyst license.

The Analysis toolset contains tools to evaluate demographic attributes of market areas, customer distributions, stores, and facility networks.

When taking an in-depth look at the characteristics of stores, customers, or both, tools in the Analysis toolset allow you to identify and target your customers, locate new store locations, find new potential sites based on existing premier sites, and extract business data based on custom trade areas.


Calculate Market Penetration

Calculates the market penetration based on the number of customers within an area compared to a demographic variable such as total population.

Color Coded Layer

Creates a multigeography-level, scale-dependent choropleth layer from a variable describing a business, demographic, consumer, or landscape characteristic.

Enrich Layer

Enriches your data by adding demographic and landscape facts about the people and places that surround or are inside your data locations. The output is a duplicate of your input with additional attribute fields. The demographic and landscape information available with this tool can come from ArcGIS Online or locally installed Business Analyst data.

Generate Desire Lines

Creates a series of lines from each customer to an associated store location. These lines are often called spider diagrams.

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