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An overview of the Transit Feed (GTFS) toolset

The tools in the Transit Feed (GTFS) toolset support the conversion of the geographic portions of a General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) dataset into feature classes that can be visualized in a map and used as input for further analysis. GTFS is the only worldwide standardized format for public transit data. It includes the locations of transit lines and stops as well as the schedules.


Features To GTFS Stops

Converts a feature class to a GTFS stops.txt file for a GTFS public transit dataset.

GTFS Shapes To Features

Converts a GTFS shapes.txt file from a GTFS public transit dataset to a polyline feature class showing the physical paths taken by vehicles in the public transit system.

GTFS Stops To Features

Converts a GTFS stop.txt file from a GTFS public transit dataset into a feature class of public transit stops.

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