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M Resolution (Environment setting)

Tools that honor this environment will apply the M resolution to output geodatasets.

For a description of the default M resolution, see the following topic: Spatial reference and geoprocessing.

Usage notes

  • The M Resolution (unlike XY Resolution and Z Resolution environments) of geodatasets created inside a feature dataset is not constrained to match the feature dataset's M resolution.
  • If the M Resolution environment is not set, tools such as Create Feature Class, Create Feature Dataset, and Create Raster Catalog will set the default M resolution at 0.0001.

Dialog syntax

M Resolution—The M resolution to be set on the output geodatasets. Set this environment if the default M resolution is inadequate.

Scripting syntax

arcpy.env.MResolution = double



Sets the M resolution to be used on output geodatasets. The M resolution, expressed as a very small distance, refers to the number of significant digits used to store M values.

MResolution syntax

Script example

import arcpy

# Set the MResolution environment to a double
arcpy.env.MResolution = 0.002

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