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Maintain Attachments (Environment setting)

Tools that honor the Maintain Attachments environment setting will copy attachments from the input features to the output features.

Usage Notes

  • The following tools will copy attachments:

    The Copy tool will always copy attachments, regardless of the Maintain Attachments environment setting. This tool works similarly to a right-click copy and paste operation within the application.

  • The output workspace must support attachments. Attachments will not be copied if the output workspace does not support attachments; for example, shapefiles and DBF files do not support attachments.
  • Since relationship classes are used to maintain the linkage, and relationship classes require an ArcGIS Desktop Standard or ArcGIS Desktop Advanced license, a Desktop Standard or Desktop Advanced license is required to maintain attachments when copying features. With ArcGIS Desktop Basic, you can read and open attachments.

Dialog syntax

Maintain Attachments
  • Checked—Attachments will be copied to the output feature class. This is the default.
  • Unchecked—Attachments will not be copied to the output.

Scripting syntax

arcpy.env.maintainAttachments = True



Specifies whether or not to copy attachments to the output features. The default is True.

maintainAttachments syntax
import arcpy

# Set the maintainAttachments environment to False (no attachment copy).
arcpy.env.maintainAttachments = False