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Terrain Memory Usage (Environment setting)

Tools that honor the Terrain Memory Usage environment control memory use during analysis on terrains.

This option influences the block size used by terrain during analysis. The default lets the software decide how many tiles it can group together as a block. If you select this option, the terrain block size is forced to be equal to the terrain tile size.

Usage notes

  • It is recommended that you turn this option on in a server environment where multiple processes may be running simultaneously and each process needs to be very conservative with its memory use.

Dialog syntax

Minimize memory use during analysis on terrains
  • Checked—Memory use will be minimized during terrain analysis.
  • Unchecked—Memory use will not be minimized during terrain analysis. This is the default.

Scripting syntax

arcpy.env.terrainMemoryUsage = boolean_option



Specifies whether or not to minimize memory usage. The default is False.

terrainMemoryUsage syntax
import arcpy

# Set the terrainMemoryUsage environment to True.
arcpy.env.terrainMemoryUsage = True

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