Install deep learning frameworks for ArcGIS

To work with the deep learning tools in ArcGIS Pro, you need to install supported deep learning frameworks packages.

For instructions on how to install deep learning packages, see the Install Deep Learning Frameworks Guide for ArcGIS Pro 2.6.


For instructions on how to install deep learning frameworks for ArcGIS Pro 2.5, see the Installation Guide for ArcGIS Pro 2.5.

If you will be working exclusively with the CPU and you are using TensorFlow, see the instructions below.

Run TensorFlow on the CPU

You can install TensorFlow to run on your computer's CPU.

  1. Create a Python environment by cloning an existing environment. For information on how to create and clone Python environments and install Python packages, see Python Package Manager.
  2. Once the environment has been created, activate it by clicking the option next to the environment, and click OK.
  3. Click the Add Packages button, search for tensorflow-mkl , and install the most recent version of the package.

Learn about installing deep learning on ArcGIS Enterprise

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