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Summarize Elevation (Ready To Use)


Calculates summary statistics of elevation for each input feature.


  • Tools in the Ready To Use toolbox are ArcGIS Online geoprocessing services that use ArcGIS Online’s hosted data and analysis capabilities.

  • This service summarizes the elevation, slope and aspect information for the input features.

  • There are several elevation sources currently available which are different spatial resolution and cover different areas. Not all resolutions are available for all areas. The service will return an error message if the specified resolution is not available at any of the input feature locations.

  • The maximum number of input features is 1000. If more input features are provided, the service will return an error and will not execute.

  • If the DEM Resolution parameter is empty or not supplied, then the 90 meter resolution SRTM data will be used. If FINEST is specified, then the service will use the smallest resolution available at the input feature locations.

  • The service uses a single resolution elevation source for the input features. The entire input features must fit into a single resolution, or else the service will pick the highest resolution which can cover the input features.

  • The results are appended to the returned feature attribute table as fields. The fields MinElevation, MeanElevation, and MaxElevation summarize elevation. The fields MinSlope, MeanSlope, and MaxSlope summarize slope. The field MeanAspect summarize aspect.

  • The returned features are in the same shape type as the input features. For example, if the input features are points, then the returned features are also points.

  • Oceans and other major water bodies are ignored in the calculations and do not effect the summary values.


SummarizeElevation(InputFeatures, {FeatureIDField}, {DEMResolution}, {IncludeSlopeAspect})
ParameterExplanationData Type

Input point, line, or area features to summarize the elevation for.

Feature Set

The unique ID field to use for the input features.


The approximate spatial resolution (cell size) of the source elevation data used for the calculation.

The resolution keyword is an approximation of the spatial resolution of the digital elevation model. Many elevation sources are distributed with units of arc seconds, the keyword is an approximation in meters for easier understanding.

  • FINESTThe finest units available for the extent are used.
  • 10mThe elevation source resolution is 1/3 arc second, or approximately 10 meters.
  • 24mThe elevation source is the Airbus WorldDEM4Ortho dataset at 24 meters resolution.
  • 30mThe elevation source resolution is 1 arc second, or approximately 30 meters.
  • 90mThe elevation source resolution is 3 arc seconds, or approximately 90 meters. This is the default.

Determines if slope and aspect for the input feature(s) will be included in the output.

  • TrueSlope and aspect values will be included in the output.
  • FalseOnly the elevation values will be included in the output. This is the default.

Derived Output

NameExplanationData Type

The output summary statistics of elevation for each input feature.

Feature Set


This tool does not use any geoprocessing environments.

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