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An overview of the Analysis toolset

Available with Business Analyst license.

The Analysis toolset provides a set of analytical tools to evaluate territory solutions.


Add Level Variables

Adds a new field at the specified level. The field will be based on a numeric field from the level below the territory level and will be calculated based on the type of statistic specified by the user.

Set Balance Variables

Configures variables to be used in the balancing process. The variables will be used according to relative weight, which is calculated based on a specified preference for each variable.

Set Territory Attribute Constraints

Sets variables for adding constraints when solving the territory solution. Territories will be constrained by minimum, maximum, or ideal value.

Set Territory Distance Parameters

Defines the type of distance calculation or distance constraints to use when creating territories.

Set Territory Level Options

Sets options for how territory levels are created. This tool controls the shape of each territory and whether unassigned features will be automatically assigned to the closest territory.

Solve Territories

Creates and balances territories on the specified territory level provided the balancing variables are set.

Tools in the Analysis toolset

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