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000768: Cannot import schema changes from a replica to itself.


This error occurs if a schema changes document is imported into the wrong replica in a replica pair. This can mean either

  1. You created the schema changes document for the correct replica but are importing into the wrong replica geodatabase by mistake.
  2. The schema changes document was generated for the wrong replica.


For case 1, import the schema changes document into the relative replica geodatabase. For case 2, it is recommended that you redo the workflow for applying schema changes by doing the following:

  • Run the Export Replica Schema tool to export the schema of the relative replica.
  • Run the Compare Replica Schema tool to create the schema changes document. The Compare to Replica Geodatabase parameter should be the geodatabase to which you want to apply the schema changes. The Relative Replica Schema File is the schema document of the relative replica, which was the output of running the Export Replica Schema tool in the previous step.
  • Run the Import Schema Changes tool to import the schema changes file into your replica.