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001270: Consolidating the data failed.


The tool could not package the data and resources required for your service.

This error can occur if the size of the path used to publish a GIS resource, or the paths for the data being copied to the server, exceeds the operating system limit and you are copying data to the ArcGIS server.

This path includes the path to the staging folder and the name of the server connection. Along with these, there is a path to the GIS resource you are publishing. For example, if you are publishing a map service, this path would include the name of the map service definition (.msd) contained in the service definition. There are also paths to each data source used by the resource. This would also include paths used within a functional raster or mosaic dataset.


The resource you are trying to publish may contain errors. Open the GIS resource using the appropriate application (for example, if you are working with a map document, open it with ArcMap), analyze the resource, and fix each error.

Tables that participate in a join must be explicitly added to the map document in order to be published.