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002619: Table is not accessible or is not supported.


The locator may not be accessible or supported because of the following reasons:

  • The hosted table is not accessible.
  • You do not have permissions to the hosted table.
  • The input table does not exist on the portal.
  • The input table has more records than allowed
  • The filename or extension is too long.
  • The table is not UTF-8 encoded.
  • The table is empty or corrupt.
  • There are no field or column names in the header row of the file or table.
  • The first row of the file or table is empty.
  • The number of records in the input table is greater than the maximum records {max} allowed for geocoding.


  • Ensure that you are signed in to the active portal where the table exists.
  • Ensure that the hosted table's sharing settings allow you to access the table. You may need to contact the portal administrator or owner of the hosted table for this information and ask that they make the hosted table accessible.
  • Upload a new, or add a, hosted table from the active portal.
  • Rename the file before using it in the tool.
  • Save the table with UTF-8 encoding before using it in the tool.
  • Add column names to the first row or header row of the table or file.
  • An ArcGIS Administrator can set a maxRecords property. This property dictates an upper bound on the number of records that are allowed to be geocoded.