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002733: Country values have been selected from the reference data. The value chosen here will be used as a default for records that do not contain a value in the data. Change to <As defined in data> to remove the default value.


The value chosen for Country or Region can act as a default value when building the locator if the country code value in the reference data is empty. If a default value should not be applied, set Country or Region to <As defined in data> and any record without a country code value will be written to the locator as empty.


Use one of the following options to resolve the warning:

  1. Leave it as is and any missing country value in your data will be replaced by the value from the Country or Region parameter.
  2. Choose <As defined in data> if a default value for country code should not be applied if the country code value from the reference data is empty.
  3. Unmap the country code field from the reference data in Field Mapping and select a country from the list to apply the country code to the entire reference dataset.