An overview of the LRS Event toolset

The LRS Event toolset contains tools to create or modify an LRS event.

Tool nameDescription

Create LRS Event

Creates line or point events for an existing LRS Network.

Create LRS Event From Existing

Registers an existing feature class as an LRS event.

Disable Derived Measure Fields

Disables fields that store the derived network route ID, route name, and measure fields.

Disable Referent Fields

Disables referent fields for an existing linear referencing system (LRS) event feature class or feature layer. It does not delete the referent columns; it removes the referent column information from the Lrs_Metadata table.

Enable Derived Measure Fields

Enables fields to store the derived route ID, derived route name, and derived measure fields for the specified LRS event feature class.

Enable Referent Fields

Enables or modifies the referent fields so that you can manage referent information for the registered LRS event.

Modify Event Behavior Rules

Modifies event behavior rules for the registered event layer or feature class.

Modify LRS Event

Modifies properties of a linear referencing system (LRS) event.

Tools in the LRS Event toolset

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