Remove Terrain Points (3D Analyst)

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This tool removes points within an area of interest from one or more embedded feature classes.


This is a deprecated tool. This functionality has been added to the Delete Terrain Points tool.


  • This tool functions only on feature classes embedded in a terrain. The terrain and at least one embedded feature class must already exist.

  • A rectangular area of interest (AOI) is required. This defines the area in the embedded feature class where multipoint vertices will be deleted. If a multipoint crosses the AOI boundary, only those vertices within the boundary will be deleted.

  • Remove Terrain Points looks for an existing edit session to piggyback on. This supports undo if the edit session was initialized to support undo (for example, using Editor inside ArcMap). If there's no edit session, it starts and stops one itself, in which case there is no chance for an undo.

  • To use this tool on a terrain inside an ArcSDE database, the terrain needs to be registered as versioned. You do this by registering the feature dataset the terrain resides in as versioned.

  • Removing points from an embedded feature class will invalidate the terrain. Run Build Terrain after adding points.


arcpy.3d.RemoveTerrainPoints(in_terrain, data_source, aoi_extents)
ParámetroExplicaciónTipo de datos

The terrain dataset to be modified

Terrain Layer

One or more embedded feature classes from which points will be removed


The XY extent defining the area from which points will be removed


Salida derivada

NombreExplicaciónTipo de datos

Terrain Layer

Muestra de código

Remove Terrain Points example (Python window)

The following Python Window script demonstrates how to use the RemoveTerrainPoints function in immediate mode.

import arcgisscripting
gp = arcgisscripting.create()

gp.workspace = "C:/data"
extent = "6442927 2053828 6452927 2065858"
gp.RemoveTerrainPoints_3d("sample.gdb/featuredataset/terrain", "napa_points", extent)

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