Extract Video Frames To Images (Image Analyst)

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Extracts video frame images and associated metadata from a FMV-compliant video stream. The extracted images can be added to a mosaic dataset or other tools and functions for further analysis.


  • This tool works with archived video data only. Live stream videos are not supported.

  • Images from a FMV-compliant video stream will be extracted and stored in a directory as TIFF, NITF, or JPEG files.

  • Metadata associated with the video imagery will be written to a comma delimitated values (CSV) file in the same directory.


ExtractVideoFramesToImages(in_video, out_folder, image_type, {image_overlap}, {require_fresh_metadata}, {min_time})
ParámetroExplicaciónTipo de datos

The input video file in any of the supported video file types, including PS, TS, MPG, MPEG, MP2, MPG2, MPEG2, MP4, MPG4, MPEG4, H264, VOB, and M2TS.


The file directory where the output images and metadata will be saved.


The output image format.

  • JPEGJPEG image format.
  • TIFFTIFF image format. This is the default.
  • NITFNITF image format.

The maximum overlap percentage between two images. If the overlap between a candidate image and the last image written to disk is greater than this value, the candidate image will be ignored. The default percentage is 100%, which writes all images to disk.


Specifies whether video frames with associated metadata will be extracted and saved.

  • REQUIRE_FRESH_METADATAOnly video frame with associated metadata will be saved.
  • NO_REQUIRE_FRESH_METADATAAll video frames will be saved. This is the default.

The minimum time interval between video frames to be saved. If this is not specified, all video frames will be saved as images.

Time Unit

Muestra de código

ExtractVideoFramesToImages example 1 (Python window)

This example extracts video frame images and associated metadata from a video stream and saves the data to a directory.

arcpy.ia.ExtractVideoFramesToImages(r"c:\test\video.ts", r"C:\temp2\outimages",
"TIFF", 100, "", "20 Seconds")
ExtractVideoFramesToImages example 2 (stand-alone script)

This example extracts video frame images and associated metadata from a video stream and saves the data to a directory.

import arcpy
from arcpy.ia import *


in_video = "c:\\test\\drone_vid.ts"
out_folder = "c:\\output"
outformat = "NITF"
maxoverlap = 100
requirefreshmeta = “REQUIRE_FRESH_METADATA” 
mintimebetween = "1 minute"

arcpy.ia.ExtractVideoFramesToImages(in_video, out_folder, outformat, maxoverlap,
requirefreshmeta, mintimebetween)


Esta herramienta no utiliza ningún entorno de geoprocesamiento.

Información de licenciamiento

  • Basic: Requiere Image Analyst
  • Standard: Requiere Image Analyst
  • Advanced: Requiere Image Analyst

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