Select unverified features

Disponible con licencia de Maritime Charting.

The Select Unverified tool searches unverified features in an entire workspace and automatically loads them into the map, regardless of what is loaded in the Contents pane. The features are selected from the Nautical feature dataset, the three deletes feature classes, and records in the PLTS_COLLECTIONS table.

Select Unverified selects features during the quality control process to understand what has changed as features become unverified when they are modified. You can find all the verified features in the workspace, before posting to the Default version, and review them individually in the Attributes pane.


Track All Deletes is enabled by default, which writes a copy of the deleted geometry to the PLTS_NAUTICAL_DELETES feature class. These deleted features appear in your selection when running Select Unverified.

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Open a new or an existing project.
  3. If necessary, add maritime data to the Contents pane.

    The Maritime tab appears.

  4. If necessary, save your edits.
  5. On the Maritime tab, in the S-57 Editing group, click the Select Unverified button Seleccionar no verificado.
  6. You may see layers or tables added to the Contents pane. This means the layer or table contains unverified features.


    A selection set will not be returned if there is no unverified features. See the verify selected workflow to batch verify all edits.