Geostatistical Layer properties


The Describe function returns the following properties for geostatistical layers. Layer Properties are also supported.

A Geostatistical Layer returns a dataType of "GALayer".


PropiedadExplicaciónTipo de datos
(Sólo lectura)

The extent of the geostatistical layer.

(Sólo lectura)

A value table of the datasets used to create the geostatistical layer. It is recommended to instead use the GeostatisticalDatasets class to determine the source dataset.


Muestra de código

Geostatistical layer properties example (stand-alone script)

The following stand-alone script displays some layer properties from a geostatistical layer.

# Name:
# Description: Print the Describe properties of a geostatistical layer.
# Requirements: Geostatistical Analyst Extension

# Import system modules
import arcpy

# Check out Geostatistical Analyst extension

# Set environment settings
arcpy.env.workspace = "C:/gapyexamples/data"

# Set local variables
inPointFeatures = "ca_ozone_pts.shp"
zField = "OZONE"
GALayer = "IDW_galayer"

# Execute IDW
arcpy.IDW_ga(inPointFeatures, zField, GALayer)

# Describe the geostatistical layer
desc = arcpy.Describe(GALayer)

# Save extent of geostatistical layer
aoi = desc.areaOfInterest

# Save name of geostatistical layer
name = desc.nameString

# Save data type of geostatistical layer
dt = desc.dataType

# Save data sources and primary input dataset
dc = desc.dataCollection
ds = dc.getValue(0,0)

# Print describe properties
print("Layer name:       " + name)
print("Data type:        " + dt)
print("Input data:       " + ds)
print("Minimum X Extent: " + str(aoi.XMin))
print("Maximum X Extent: " + str(aoi.XMax))
print("Minimum Y Extent: " + str(aoi.YMin))
print("Maximum Y Extent: " + str(aoi.YMax))