Review results from deep learning

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After the processing using the object-based inference tools (Classify Objects Using Deep Learning or Detect Objects Using Deep Learning), the Attributes pane is used to review the results from your deep learning workflows. The Attributes tab displays features and includes the ability to edit the classes of the deep learning results.

To open the Attributes pane, click the Attributes button Atributos on the Edit tab. In the Attributes pane, click the Layers tab, and use the drop-down arrow to choose the deep learning results that you want to review. The results will be populated in the list.

Edit feature attributes

The Play button Play is used to automatically visit each of the attributes for review. The duration for each feature is 3 seconds. You can increase or decrease the speed using the arrow next to the Play button. To stop the playback, either click the Pause button Pause, or click anywhere on the Attributes subtab. While the playback is paused, the class value can be updated or a description can be added. Once the class has been updated, click the Play button to resume the review from the last feature that was visited.

The Geometry subtab provides quick access to editing tools that can move features or edit vertices.

Create a missing feature

A common workflow is finding objects that were not tagged by the deep learning inference tools. To add a feature, pause the playback and click the Create tool Crear to delineate the feature on the map. This automatically updates the table with an empty record. The Selection tab can be used to update the class of the feature. When you return to the Layers tab, the focus will remain on the last feature that was visited, and the playback will start at that point.

For more information about the Attributes pane, see Edit feature attributes.

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