An overview of the Geostatistical Analyst toolbox

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With Geostatistical Analyst, you can easily create a continuous surface or map from measurements stored in a point feature layer or raster layer or by using polygon centroids. The sample points may be measurements such as elevation, depth to the water table, or levels of pollution. Geostatistical Analyst provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating surfaces that can be used to visualize, analyze, and understand spatial phenomena.



Tools to predict values at unmeasured locations.

Sampling Network Design

Contains tools used to assist in the placement of new sampling sites. The Densify Sampling Network tool can also be used to determine which sampling sites are no longer required.


Tools in this toolset are used to perform geostatistical simulations and to assist in the analysis of the results.


Tools for pre- and postprocessing when developing interpolation models using the Geostatistical Analyst.

Working with Geostatistical Layers

This toolset contains tools used to create, modify, export, and manipulate the properties of a geostatistical layer.

Toolsets in the Geostatistical Analyst toolbox

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