Color coded layer

Disponible con licencia de Business Analyst.

Use a color coded layer to quickly identify important patterns by viewing information about key metrics on a map.

You can visually explore demographic information, consumer spending patterns, and information about business or other market conditions on the map.


Data ranges and color schemes can be updated instantly to create thematic maps. This is ideal for visualizing trends and investigating area patterns during presentations or ad hoc analyses.

Classification variable

Select one variable to create your color coded layer.

Search all variables

You can search for variables by typing a variable in the Search Variables text box, such as population or income.

Search by category or saved variables

Use the following options to find variables for your color coded layer:

  • Categories—Variables that are grouped into dataset categories
  • My Content—Content you create
  • Shared Content—Content created by other users of groups that you belong to, and shared with you

Classification method

Choose the method to use to calculate the class breaks:

  • Natural Breaks—Divide values into classes whose boundaries are set when there are relatively large differences in the data values.
  • Quantile—Assign the same number of data values to each class. There are no empty classes or classes with too few or too many values.
  • Equal Interval—Divide the range of attribute values into equal-sized breaks.
  • Geometric Interval—Create class breaks by minimizing the sum of squares of the number of elements in each class.

Number of classes

You can select the number of breaks that will appear on the map. Typically, the number of breaks ranges from 3 to 7.

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