Business Analyst data

Disponible con licencia de Business Analyst.

Business Analyst relies on a selected dataset to provide demographic variables, segmentation distributions, network routes, and all other data components used in tools and workflows. Business Analyst data is organized into country-specific datasets that can be selected from a connected portal, such as, or a locally installed source.

The selected Business Analyst dataset provides the inputs for analytical workflows, including the following:

  • Street networks used to generate drive-time trade areas
  • Demographics used to enrich market polygons
  • Business, health care, and expenditure data exposed in infographic templates
  • Segmentation data distributions used to profile customers with target marketing

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Business Analyst data source

A dataset is selected as active by setting the Business Analyst data source. Business Analyst will default to locally installed data once you’ve installed the data and assigned your license. You can check or change the data source by clicking the Business Analyst button on the ribbon of the Analysis tab and clicking the Change data source link.

On the Data Source dialog box that appears, you can select from available datasets on the connected and active portal, or from locally installed and available Business Analyst datasets available on your computer or local area network.

Clicking Portal in the list on the left side of the window displays available online datasets for selection.

Clicking Computer in the list on the left side of the window displays available locally installed datasets for selection.

The data source can also be changed temporarily on the Environment tab of a Business Analyst tool. This change only remains in effect until the tool is closed.

Data Browser

Business Analyst dataset variables are accessed from the Data Browser window, where they are categorized into common themes, such as Population, Spending, and Income.

You can supplement the standard data bundled in each Business Analyst dataset by creating custom data, which is also accessed from the Data Browser window.

Frequently used variables can be saved as Favorites or Variable Lists to allow loading the full set to your tool or workflow with a single click.

These sets of variables can be accessed from their respective node in the left pane on the Data Browser window.