Parallel processing with multiple CPUs

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Several steps in the calculation of geostatistical layers take advantage of the increased performance available in systems that use multiple CPUs (or multi-core CPUs). Parallel processing is used for raster creation in all interpolation methods, and for the model calculation in all kriging, inverse distance weighting, and local polynomial models created within the Geostatistical Wizard. Contour rendering, cross-validation, validation, and prediction functions for geostatistical layers also make use of multiple CPUs.

Additionally, the following tools in the Geostatistical Analyst toolbox take advantage of multiple CPUs:

Increased processing speed is most noticeable in complex models (for example, involving data transformations and large neighborhoods) and in repeated use of the tools (as in models and scripts).

The Geostatistical Wizard and tools mentioned above will automatically use up to 32 threads/CPUs. This number can be decreased by using the Parallel Processing Factor environment.