Table properties


The Describe function returns the following properties for tables. The Dataset property group is also supported. The Editor Tracking property group is supported if editor tracking has been enabled for this table.

Table properties are available in many types of Describe objects.

For a table, the Describe dataType property returns a value of "Table".


PropiedadExplicaciónTipo de datos
(Sólo lectura)

Indicates whether the table has an ObjectID field.

(Sólo lectura)

The name of the Object ID field if it exists.

(Sólo lectura)

A list of Field objects for this table. This is the same as using the ListFields function.

(Sólo lectura)

A list of Index objects for this table. This is the same as using the ListIndexes function.


Muestra de código

Table properties example

The following stand-alone script displays the OID field name if the table has one. It then prints the name and type for each field in the table.

import arcpy

# Create a Describe object from the table.
desc = arcpy.Describe("C:/data/chesapeake.gdb/munich")

# If the table has an OID, print the OID field name
if desc.hasOID:
    print("OIDFieldName: " + desc.OIDFieldName)

# Print the names and types of all the fields in the table
for field in desc.fields:
    print("%-22s %s %s" % (, ":", field.type))
    #print + " = " + field.type