An overview of the S-100 toolset

Disponible con licencia de ArcGIS Maritime.

The S-100 toolset contains tools that manage S-100 data.


The ArcGIS Maritime extension for ArcGIS Pro 3.2 supports S-101 Feature Catalogue Edition 1.1.0.


Convert S-57 to S-101 Cell

Converts the S-57 vector product for storing nautical charting data to the new vector S-101 format.

Export S-101 Cell

Exports S-101 hydrographic data from a geodatabase to an S-101 file.

Import S-100 Cell

Imports S-100 hydrographic data into a geodatabase created from a related S-100 Feature Catalogue.

Import S-100 Feature Catalogue

Imports the contents of an S-100 feature catalogue to an existing geodatabase. A feature catalogue is an XML document that describes the content of a data product.

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