Condition properties


The properties below are returned by the conditions object when using Describe on a utility network.

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PropiedadExplicaciónTipo de datos
(Sólo lectura)

Whether the condition is using an Or condition for the combine using parameter.

  • True—The combine using parameter is using an Or condition.
  • False—The combine using parameter is not using an Or condition. This means the combine using parameter could be using the And condition, or no value if there are not multiple conditions.

(Sólo lectura)

Whether the condition is using a specific value to terminate the trace.

  • True—The condition is set to a specific value.
  • False—The condition is not set to a specific value.

(Sólo lectura)

The name of the network attribute or category used for the condition—for example, Device status.

(Sólo lectura)

The operator used for the condition—for example, is equal to or is greater than or equal to.

(Sólo lectura)

The type of condition used—for example, using a specific value or a network attribute.

(Sólo lectura)

The specific value of the network attribute or category used for the condition.


Muestra de código

Utility network functions and conditions properties example (stand-alone script)

This stand-alone Python script prints a report of some utility network properties.

# Import required modules
import arcpy

# Describe functions on a Utility Network
UN = "C:\\Projects\\MyProject\\unowner.sde\\Naperville.UNOWNER.Naperville\\Naperville.UNOWNER.Naperville" 
d = arcpy.Describe(UN)

# Domain Network properties
domnets = d.domainNetworks

# For each domain network in the utility network
for dom in domnets:
    print(f"Domain Network Name: {dom.domainNetworkName}")
    # For each tier in the domain network
    for tier in dom.tiers:
        print(f"Tier Name: {}")
        # Update Subnetwork Trace Configuration Properties     
        ust = tier.updateSubnetworkTraceConfiguration

        # Functions Properties
        print(" - Functions Properties - ")
        for f in ust.functions:
            # Try to get these properties if the exist, else, print the empty list
                print(f"Function Type: {f.functionType}")
                print(f"Function Network Attribute Name: {f.networkAttributeName}")
                print(f"Function Summary Attribute Name: {f.summaryAttributeName} \n")
                # Function Conditions
                print(" - Function Conditions - ")
                for fc in f.conditions:
                    print(f"Name: {}")
                    print(f"Type: {fc.type}")
                    print(f"Operator: {fc.operator}")
                    print(f"Value: {fc.value}")
                    print(f"CombineUsingOr: {fc.combineUsingOr}")
                    print(f"Is Specific Value: {fc.isSpecificValue} \n")
                print("Skipped functions properties. \n")