Location Referencing Dataset properties


The Describe function returns the following properties for a Location Referencing Dataset.

For a Location Referencing Dataset, the Describe dataType property returns a value of "DELocationReferencingDataset".


PropiedadExplicaciónTipo de datos
(Sólo lectura)

The metadata XML for the specified LRS.

(Sólo lectura)

The event behavior rules as defined for all the events in the metadata (that is, for each event in each LRS Network in the LRS).


Muestra de código

Location Referencing Dataset properties example

The following stand-alone script displays dataset properties of an LRS:

Name: DescribeLRSDatasetProperties.py
Description: This script reports the properties of a linear referencing system (LRS)

# Import required modules
import arcpy

# Describe function on an LRS 
desc = arcpy.Describe("C:\\Data\\LRData\\LrsSchema.sde\\GPRefresh.DBO.LRS\\GPRefresh.DBO.LRS")

# LRS Describe properties
lrsXML = desc.lrsMetadata
eventBehaviors = desc.eventBehaviorRules