Make Territory Solution Layer (Territory Design)

Disponible con licencia de Business Analyst.


Creates a group layer that represents a territory solution from an existing territory solution dataset.


  • The input data must be a feature dataset that represents an existing territory solution.


MakeTerritorySolutionLayer(in_territory_dataset, out_territory_solution)
ParámetroExplicaciónTipo de datos

The input territory solution.

Feature Dataset; String

The output territory solution group layer.

Group Layer

Muestra de código

MakeTerritorySolutionLayer example (Python window)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the MakeTerritorySolutionLayer tool.

import arcpy"C:\Temp\sampledata.gdb\TerritorySolution”, “TD”)

Información de licenciamiento

  • Basic: Requiere Business Analyst
  • Standard: Requiere Business Analyst
  • Advanced: Requiere Business Analyst

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