Creates a unique name in the specified workspace by appending a number to the input name. This number is increased until the name is unique. If no workspace is specified, the current workspace is used.


CreateUniqueName (base_name, {workspace})
ParamètreExplicationType de données

The base name used to create the unique name.


The workspace used for creation of the unique name.

Valeur renvoyée
Type de donnéesExplication

The unique name with a number appended to make it unique in the workspace. The number starts at 0 and is incremented until it is unique.

Exemple de code

CreateUniqueName example

Creates a unique name for use with the Buffer and Clip tools.

import arcpy

# Set workspace
arcpy.env.workspace = "c:/data"

# Create a unique name for the Buffer tool's derived output.
unique_name = arcpy.CreateUniqueName("temp.shp")

# Use unique name for Buffer Tool output dataset name
arcpy.Buffer_analysis("roads.shp", unique_name, "100 feet")

# Clip output from Buffer tool with County Boundary to obtain buffered roads
#  in county.
arcpy.Clip_analysis(unique_name, "county.shp", "clipped_roads.shp")

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