The HoldType object provides access to the hold types configuration element in the Workflow Manager (Classic) database.


The hold types are a template for the holds used to suspend the job activity for an indefinite amount of time. The information about a hold is never deleted from the system and can be queried. A hold may be applied to a job for reasons including the following:

  • Insufficient funding
  • Technical problems
  • Missing data
  • Lack of resources


PropriétéExplicationType de données
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The ID of the HoldType.

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The name of the HoldType.


Exemple de code

The following script gets the hold types in the Workflow Manager (Classic) database and adds a budget hold to a job.

import arcpy

#Establish a connection to a Workflow database
conn = arcpy.wmx.Connect(r'c:\test\Workflow.jtc')

#Get a list of Hold types in Workflow database
hold_types = conn.config.getHoldTypes()

#Access a Workflow Job 
job = conn.getJob(99999)

#Find the id of Budget Hold hold type and add a hold on the job
for hold in hold_types:
     if(hold.name=='Budget Hold'):
         job.addHold(hold.id,comment="Insufficient funds for digitization.")