The QueryResult object provides access to the job query results returned by the queryJobs method.


Each job and property can be accessed by index, iterator or defined field name.

Exemple de code

QueryResult example

The following script runs a job query and accesses query results.

import arcpy

#Establish a connection to a Workflow database
conn = arcpy.wmx.Connect(r'c:\test\Workflow.jtc')

#Run a query for jobs being assigned to current user. The query results are sorted by job name.
result = conn.queryJobs("JOB_NAME,ASSIGNED_TO","JTX_JOBS","Job Name,Assigned To", "ASSIGNED_TO = '[SYS:CUR_LOGIN]'", "JOB_NAME")

#To get total number of records being returned which are assigned to current user.
print("There are %s jobs assigned to me" % str(len(result.rows)))

#Access first job's name
print("The first returned job's name is %s" % result.rows[0][0])

#Access field name and alias
f = result.fields[0]
print("The returned first field's name is %s" % f.name) 
print("The returned first field's alias is %s" % f.alias)