Manage Subnetwork properties


The properties below are returned by the manageSubnetwork object when using Describe on a utility network.

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PropriétéExplicationType de données
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Describes whether the Is dirty attribute in the Subnetworks table and SubnetLine class is managed by the update subnetwork operation.

  • True—The Is dirty attribute is managed by the update subnetwork operation. This is the default when valid subnetwork controllers exist for a tier.
  • False—The Is dirty attribute is not managed by the update subnetwork operation.

This property requires a Utility Network Version value of 5 or later.


Exemple de code

Utility network manage subnetwork properties (stand-alone script)

Retrieve the status of the isDirty property for tiers in the utility network.

# Import required modules
import arcpy

# Describe functions on a Utility Network
UN = "C:\\Projects\\MyProject\\unowner.sde\\Naperville.UNOWNER.Naperville\\Naperville.UNOWNER.Naperville" 
d = arcpy.Describe(UN)

# Domain Network properties
domnets = d.domainNetworks

# For each domain network in the utility network
for dom in domnets:
    # For each tier in the domain network
    for tier in dom.tiers:
        # Print the tier name        
        print(f"Tier Name: {}")
        # Print the ManageSubnetwork properties  
        print(f"Manage IsDirty: {tier.ManageSubnetwork.isDirty}\n")