An overview of Configuration toolset

Workflow Manager のライセンスで利用可能。

The Workflow Manager Configuration toolset provides tools that enable you to work with Workflow Manager (Classic) repository configuration and also provides tools for working with distributed Workflow Manager (Classic) repositories. With tools in this toolbox you can create a new workflow database, upgrade an existing database, import and export job information, and manage distributed repositories by creating replica and synchronizing them.

Clear Job Replication Information

Deletes the replication information on a parent repository and sends a web service call to all the child repositories in the cluster. Consequently, the replication information is cleared from all the repositories participating in the cluster.

Create Workflow Database

Creates Workflow Manager (Classic) schema and configures an enterprise geodatabase as the Workflow Manager (Classic) database.

Export Job Data

This tool will export the Workflow Manager (Classic) repository to a .jxl file in the specified folder location. The .jxl file will contain all the configuration information for the repository as well as information about all the jobs. The .jxl file can be imported into another Workflow Manager (Classic) repository using the Import Job Data tool.

Import Job Data

Imports configuration and job information from a Workflow Manager (Classic) repository to a destination repository. This tool is most useful for setting up a repository similar to an existing repository, disconnected repository replica creation, and changing synchronization.

Replicate Job Data

Replicates the ArcGIS Workflow Manager (Classic) configuration from a parent repository to child repositories using ArcGIS Workflow Manager (Classic) Server. Each child repository becomes an identical copy (replica) of the parent repository.

Synchronize Job Data

This tool synchronizes multiple Workflow Manager (Classic) repositories participating in a Workflow Manager (Classic) Cluster. The tool performs two-way synchronization; changes from the child repositories are sent to the parent repository and changes from the parent are sent to all child repositories.

Upgrade Workflow Database

Upgrades an existing Workflow Manager (Classic) database with the latest schema and configuration. The Workflow Manager (Classic) database is used to store the job and configuration information for your work management system and one feature class that is used to store the geometries for the Location of Interest (LOI) for your jobs.

Tools in the Workflow Manager Configuration toolset