Solar Radiation geoprocessing functions

Spatial Analyst のライセンスで利用可能。


You can perform solar radiation analysis for a landscape or specific location using two methods:

  • The Area Solar Radiation geoprocessing function is used to calculate the insolation across an entire landscape. The calculations are repeated for each location in the input topographic surface, producing insolation maps for an entire geographic area.
  • The Points Solar Radiation geoprocessing function is used to calculate the amount of radiant energy for a given location. Locations can be stored as point features or as x,y coordinates in a location table. Solar radiation calculations can be performed for specified locations only.

For diagnostic purposes, you can use the Solar Radiation Graphics geoprocessing function to create graphic representations of the visible sky (viewshed map), the sun's position in the sky across a period of time (sun map), and the sectors of the sky that influence the amount of incoming solar radiation (sky map). Conceptually, these "maps" are used internally during analysis to calculate the total amount of solar radiation for a particular location or area.



Geoprocessing FunctionDescription

Area Solar Radiation


Points Solar Radiation

ポイント フィーチャクラスまたはロケーション テーブルの特定位置での日射量を出力します。

Solar Radiation Graphics


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