Valid Line properties


The properties below are returned by the validLines object when using Describe on a utility network.

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プロパティ説明データ タイプ

The asset group code of the valid line.


The assetTypes object. This object can be used to retrieve the assetTypeCode of the valid line's asset types. The assetTypeCode is the integer value of the asset type code of the valid line.



Utility network valid line properties (stand-alone script)

Retrieve the asset type code for the assetTypes object for a valid line.

# Import required modules
import arcpy

# Describe functions on a Utility Network
UN = "C:\\Projects\\MyProject\\unowner.sde\\Naperville.UNOWNER.Naperville\\Naperville.UNOWNER.Naperville" 
d = arcpy.Describe(UN)

# Domain Network properties
domnets = d.domainNetworks

# For each domain network in the utility network
for dom in domnets:
    # For each tier in the domain network
    for tier in dom.tiers:
        # Print the valid line Properties        
        for vd in tier.validLines:
            print(" -- Valid Lines Properties -- ")
            print("Asset Group Code: {0} \n".format(vd.assetGroupCode))
            print(" - Asset Type Properties - ")
            for at in vd.assetTypes:
                print("Asset Type Code: {0}".format(at.assetTypeCode))