Create Curved Approach (Aviation)

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Creates curved approach obstacle identification surfaces (OIS) based on the supported specifications in ArcGIS Aviation. These curved approach surfaces are based on an input flight path and the information in the selected specification, for example, ICAO Annex 15, FAA 18B and classification. This tool creates surfaces in existing polygon or multipatch features.


  • Параметр Входные объекты взлетно-посадочной полосы должен поддерживать z-значения.

  • The surfaces generated are based on the Specification and Runway Classification parameter values.

  • The tool creates a curved approach surface in an existing polygon or multipatch feature class. If Output OIS Features is a feature class, it must have a vertical spatial reference.

  • The tool uses a flight path ID field (PATHID) for Output OIS Features.

  • OIS tools are flexible and accept a variety of input and output feature class types. For more information, see the OIS Input and Output schemas.


CreateCurvedApproach(in_runway_features, in_flightpath_features, target_ois_features, specification, runway_classification, {custom_json_file}, {threshold_offset})
ParameterОбъяснениеТип данных

The input runway dataset. The feature class must be z-enabled and contain polylines.

Feature Layer

The polyline features that define curved approaches to the specified runways.

Feature Layer

The target feature class that will contain the generated OIS.

Feature Layer

Specifies the approach surface specification.

  • ETODICAO Annex 15 (ETOD)
  • OLSICAO Annex 14 (OLS)
  • FAR77FAA regulations part 77 (FAR77)
  • 18BFAA Advisory circular 150/5300_18B (18B)
  • 13AFAA Advisory circular 150/5300_13A (13A)

The runway classification of the approach surface.

The option used for the Specification parameter (specification in Python) will determine the available options for the this parameter.


The import configuration, in JSON format, that creates the custom OIS.


The distance offset from the runway end point. The threshold will be applied in the units of the input.


Производные выходные данные

NameОбъяснениеТип данных

The updated feature class containing the generated OIS.

Feature Layer

Пример кода

CreateCurvedApproach example (stand-alone script)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the CreateCurvedApproach tool.

import arcpy

# set gp environment

# Input Runway Feature Class
inFeatures = r"C:\data\ois.gdb\RunwayCenterline"

# Input Flight Path Feature Class 
inFlightPathFeatures= r"C:\data\ois.gdb\TakeOffClimb"

# Feature class that will contain the OIS surface
outFeatures= r"C:\data\ois.gdb\ObstructionIdSurface"

# Speicfication
specification = "FAR77"

# Runway Classification

customJSON = r"C:\data\customOIS.json"

# Treshold Offset
thresholdOffset = 0

# Generate FAA 77 OIS
arcpy.CreateCurvedApproach_aviation(inFeatures, inFlightPathFeatures,
                                    outFeatures, specification, runway, customJSON, thresholdOffset)


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  • Standard: Требуется Airports, ArcGIS Aviation Charting
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