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Creates the most restrictive (lowest) surfaces within the extent of all collective surfaces. Obstruction identification surfaces (OIS) determine which objects are vertical obstructions. An object is considered a vertical obstruction if it penetrates the OIS surface. Surfaces are used to support planning and design activities.

Many airports have more than one runway and each runway has a set of obstruction identification surfaces. Supporting automatic generation of new subsurfaces that constitute the overlapping portions of surfaces can have a better visualization and a more accurate analysis for an airport. To generate a single set of surfaces, multiple sets of surfaces are needed. This tool creates surfaces as multipatch features.


  • The Input OIS Features must be z-enabled.

  • The Output OIS Features must be z-enabled.

  • All of the Input OIS Features must have the same projected coordinate system.


GenerateOISIntersection(in_ois_features, out_ois_features, {multipart_feature})
ParameterОбъяснениеТип данных

The input OIS features. The feature class must be multipatch.

Feature Layer

The updated feature class containing the meshed OIS with the lowest z-value.

Feature Layer

Specifies whether multipart features will be created in the output. Multipart features are composed of more than one physical part that only references one set of attributes.

  • MULTIPARTMultipart features will be created. This is default.
  • MERGE_ADJACENTAdjacent triangulated multipart features will be created as individual features.

Пример кода

GenerateOISIntersection example (Python window)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the GenerateOISIntersection tool.

import arcpy
# set gp environment
# Input Obstruction Identification Surface Feature Class
inOISFeatures = r"C:\data\ois.gdb\ObstructionIdSurface"
# Feature class that will contain the OIS surface
outOISFeatures = r"C:\data\ois.gdb\MeshedSurface"
# Create multipart feature
createMultipart = "MULTIPART"
# Processing Generate OIS Intersection tool
arcpy.GenerateOISIntersection_aviation(inOISFeatures, outOISFeatures, createMultipart )


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