Prepare Aviation Data (Aviation)

Доступно с лицензией Aviation Charting.


Evaluates aviation data based on organizationally specific JSON scripts, returning values necessary for cartographic labeling and symbolization. Returned values are stored in a single attribute of your features.


  • The optional Input Datasets parameter is populated by a list of tables and feature classes from the provided JSON. You can select specific tables and features classes for evaluation. If none are selected, they will all be evaluated.


    Relationship class field names from enterprise geodatabases must be qualified with their schema and table names in the JSON config file. For example, GIS.NavaidAssociation.NAVAIDSYSTEM_ID includes the schema name GIS, the table name NavaidAssociation, and the field name NAVAIDSYSTEM_ID. Field names from other dataset types can also be qualified with their schema name, but it is only necessary to qualify them by table name, for example, NavaidSystem.GFID.


PrepareAviationData(target_gdb, config_file, {in_dataset_names})
ParameterОбъяснениеТип данных

The ArcGIS Aviation Charting schema workspace on which the evaluation will be run.


The JSON file containing the evaluation criteria.


The names of the tables and feature classes to be evaluated.


Производные выходные данные

NameОбъяснениеТип данных

The output aviation workspace containing the evaluation results.


Пример кода

PrepareAviationData example (stand-alone script)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the PrepareAviationData function.

import arcpy

# set gp environment

# Input database where data 
target_gdb = r"C:\data\MyData.gdb"

# config file for data calculation
config_file = r"C:\data\config.json"

# subset of tables or feature classes that will be calculated
in_datasets = "adhp;navaidsystem"

# Running tool
arcpy.PrepareAviationData_aviation(target_gdb, config_file, in_datasets)

Sample config file for the Input Datasets parameter

The following sample config file can be used to populate the in_datasets_names parameter.

            "fields": [
            "tables": [
            "where": "Master_ID = adhp.gfid"
            "fields": [
            "tables": [
            "where": "Master_ID = adhp.gfid and adhp.gfid = airspace.adhp_id and airspace.class_code IN ('C', 'D')"
    "navaidsystem": [
            "fields": [
            "tables": [
            "where": "navaidsystem.gfid = availability.predicated_id"
            "fields": [
            "tables": [
            "where": "navaidsystem.gfid = navaidassociation.navaidsystem_id and navaidassociation.navaidcomponent_id = navaidcomponent.gfid"


Этот инструмент не использует параметры среды геообработки

Информация о лицензиях

  • Basic: Нет
  • Standard: Требуется ArcGIS Aviation Charting
  • Advanced: Требуется ArcGIS Aviation Charting

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