Unzip MGCP Cell And Import (Topographic Production)


Unzips and imports compressed Multinational Geospatial Co-production Program (MGCP) 1-degree-by-1-degree cell packages (*.zip) into a target geodatabase.


  • This tool recursively searches the Root Folder for ZIP files. ZIP files must contain an MGCP cell package that includes one or more shapefiles and a metadata file.

  • If no shapefiles are found in the unzipped archive, this tool will continue execution.

  • Target Geodatabase must be an MGCP geodatabase and have an MGCP_Metadata feature dataset. The feature dataset must contain a Cell feature class.


UnzipCellAndImport(Root_Folder, Target_Geodatabase)
ParameterОбъяснениеТип данных

The root folder that contains one or more compressed shapefile cell packages in a .zip file.


The geodatabase where the unzipped shapefiles will be imported.


Производные выходные данные

NameОбъяснениеТип данных

The database where shape files from Root_Folder have been loaded.


Пример кода

UnzipCellAndImport example (stand-alone script)

The following stand-alone script demonstrates how to use the UnzipCellAndImport tool to unzip shapefiles in a MGCP zip package, load the data into a file geodatabase, and import Metadata Cell Features.

# Name: UnzipCellAndImport_sample.py
# Description: Unzips shapefiles in a MGCP zip package and loads the data into a file geodatabase, then imports the Metadata Cell Features

# Import System Modules
import arcpy

# Check Out Extensions

# Setting Local Variables
root_folder = r'C:\Data\MGCPShapePackages'
target_geodatabase = r'C:\Data\MGCP_TRD_4_4.gdb'

# Unziping TRD 4.2 shape packages to a TRD 4.4 database
arcpy.topographic.UnzipCellAndImport(root_folder, target_geodatabase)

# Check In Extensions

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