Delete calibration points

Доступно с лицензией Location Referencing.

Roads and Highways uses a simple feature class to store calibration points for calibrating routes. The Delete Point tool on the Location Referencing tab allows you to delete calibration points on a route. Roads and Highways automatically recalibrates the route to the nearest upstream and downstream calibration points and applies the calibration event behavior.


Before deleting a calibration point, consider whether retiring the point would be more logical. Retiring a calibration point preserves the historical integrity and calibration of the route. Deleting a calibration point results in recalibration of the route for the time span that the calibration point was active. To retire a calibration point, modify its To Date value using the Edit Point tool.

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The following is an example of route recalibration after deleting a calibration point:

Step A—Review the route's existing calibration points and route calibration before deleting any calibration points.

Deleting a calibration point before diagram

Step B—Delete the calibration point with measure 8.

Deleting a calibration point diagram with existing calibration point deleted

Step C—Calibration is only updated to the nearest upstream and downstream calibration points on the route.

Deleting a calibration point resulting diagram

Use the following steps to delete calibration points on a route:

  1. Click the Location Referencing tab.
  2. Click the Delete Point tool Удалить точку on the Location Referencing tab.

    Traditionally versioned networks must be edited through a direct connection to the geodatabase. Branch versioned networks, which include any network configured with a route ID you generate, must be edited through a feature service.

  3. Select a calibration point to delete on the map.

    The Delete Calibration Point pane appears with the Network, Route ID, From Date, To Date, and Measure fields automatically populated with information from the selected calibration point on the map.


    All the fields in the tool pane are read-only.

  4. Click Run.

    The calibration point is deleted and the route is recalibrated between the nearest upstream and downstream calibration points, and a success message appears in the Delete Calibration Point pane.


    If a message about acquiring locks or reconciling appears, conflict prevention is enabled.

  5. Optionally, repeat steps 1 through 4 to delete additional calibration points.