Multiple linear referencing methods

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Managing historical records for roadways can be complex. The transportation industry faces design challenges in effectively representing roads and their assets using multiple measurement systems such as continuous measures and mileposts.

ArcGIS Roads and Highways simplifies the management of multiple measurement systems by allowing you to create multiple networks in a single linear referencing system (LRS). The foundation of an LRS has the centerline of a road as its core, and networks (a collection of routes) are built using the geometry of the centerline and applying a linear measurement system to it. Each of these networks can have a different unit of measure. Events are registered with the network to describe the assets.

Measures and networks

Each organizational unit (engineering, survey, operation, and maintenance) may have its own network that depicts how its roads are subdivided and measured. Similarly, event data may also be collected for multiple networks. For event data to be useful, it must be possible to perform transformations among the measuring systems. An LRS that supports multiple referencing systems will improve the transformations, reporting, and analyzing capabilities for your roads and assets.