Prepare centerlines

Доступно с лицензией Location Referencing.

After you've finished creating all LRS networks and have loaded all the data in your LRS, you can optionally remove overlapping centerlines.

Overlapping centerlines can occur in the following scenarios:

  • A network with concurrent routes is loaded.
  • An additional network is loaded.
  • A centerline is edited ad hoc.

The minimum schema models route concurrency by having routes share the same centerline associations in the centerline sequence table.

You can use the Remove Overlapping Centerlines geoprocessing tool, which creates proper relationships between networks and centerlines for concurrent routes, to remove overlaps that could cause data errors. This tool ensures there is only one common centerline in cases where centerline geometry overlaps.

  1. In ArcGIS Pro, open the Remove Overlapping Centerlines geoprocessing tool.
  2. Click the Input Centerline Features drop-down arrow and choose the input layer or feature class that represents the LRS centerline.

    You can also click the Browse button Обзор to browse to the input centerlines source.


    Running this tool may result in centerline changes, such as centerline splitting or deletion of duplicated centerline features. It may also update centerline sequence table records so that routes share centerlines. If additional columns are modeled on the centerlines, some centerline attributes may be lost when the tool is run.

  3. Consider starting an edit session in ArcGIS Pro for test runs of the tool using Enable Undo.
  4. Click Run to remove duplicate centerline geometry in the input sources.

    The number of centerline features in the input centerline feature layer may be different after running the tool, depending on the number of overlapping centerlines and the routes associated with them.