Split a centerline by measure

Доступно с лицензией Location Referencing.

The Split Centerline By Measure tool is a centerline feature class editing tool available in ArcGIS Roads and Highways. This tool is useful if you know the measure value on a route for the location of the split. The tool splits a centerline into two contiguous parts on either side of the measure value of the route.

Roads and Highways also supports splitting a centerline by point (at the location clicked on the map) or splitting a multipart centerline into singlepart features.

  1. Add the centerline feature class and network feature class to a map.

    You can also open a map in which the centerline and network feature class is already present.


    The information model expects only one centerline at any given location. Ensure that the centerlines you're using for your edit do not overlap other centerlines in your LRS.


    Traditionally versioned networks must be edited through a direct connection to the geodatabase. Branch versioned networks, including any network configured with a user-generated route ID, must be edited through a feature service.

  2. Zoom to the centerline that you want to split.
  3. On the Location Referencing tab, click Split Centerline and then click the By Measure button Разбить центральную линию измерением.
  4. Click any location on the route.

    The route is highlighted in light green, a point appears at the location, and the Split Centerline by Measure pane appears.

  5. In the Split Centerline by Measure pane, change the value in the Measure text box to remove decimal numbers.

    For example, you could change 82542.093 feet to 82500 feet.

    The point moves to the location of the measure value.

  6. Click Run.

    The centerline is split and flashes on both sides of the route's measure value.


    If additional fields are modeled on the centerlines, attributes from those fields on the centerline being split will be added to the new centerline resulting from the split.


    If a message about acquiring locks or reconciling appears, conflict prevention is enabled.