Event behavior

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Events are located along a route in a linear referencing system (LRS). Changes in the route due to route editing activities such as create, extend, realign, reassign, retire, cartographic realignment, and calibration have a direct impact on how the events are located and how they are rendered on a map. Behavior changes with measure or geographic location, or both, on one or more events due to route editing, is called event behavior.

ArcGIS Roads and Highways keeps event measures and geographic location (x,y) in alignment with route edits. You can configure event behavior rules for an individual event layer to define how event measures and shapes are updated for each type of route edit.

In the following example, a portion of Route1 will be retired. The edit activity will affect Event1.


Events must be updated after route editing using the Apply Event Behaviors geoprocessing tool.

Before retirement

After the route is retired, the events are updated using event behavior rules, which are set at the event layer level.

After retirement

Types of event behavior rules

When an LRS route is edited, behavior rules are applied to the events. By configuring event behavior rules at the layer level, you can choose how the event reacts when the route changes: preserve location, preserve measure, or maintain referent location.

Location Referencing supports the following event behaviors:

Event behavior rulesDescription

Stay Put

Preserves the geographic location of the event; measures may change.


Preserves the measure or measures of the event; geographic location may change.


Preserves both measure and geographic location; event is retired.


Preserves the location of an event by snapping the event to a reassigned or abandoned route; measure or measures may change.

Honor Route Measure

Preserves the measure of the event or changes the measure proportionally to the route measure change.

To understand how LRS events get updated due to the route edit type for each event behavior rule, see:

Configuration of event behavior rules

Default event behavior is configured during the event registration process when using either the Create LRS Event or Create LRS Event From Existing Dataset geoprocessing tools.

The following event behavior rules are set by default:


Calibrate Route

Stay Put

Retire Route

Stay Put

Extend Route

Stay Put

Reassign Route

Stay Put

Realign Route

Stay Put

You can modify the default behavior for route calibration, route retirement, route extension, route reassignment, and route realignment using the Modify Event Behavior Rules geoprocessing tool.

Application of event behavior

To apply event behaviors, after route edits, execute the Apply Event Behaviors geoprocessing tool for the route network. This tool processes event behaviors for all event feature classes registered to the route network.

The Apply Event Behaviors geoprocessing tool does not need to run after each route edit activity. Since it is a geoprocessing tool, you can schedule it to run based on your business requirements. It only processes event behaviors for those routes that have been edited but not yet processed.