An overview of the Image Analyst toolbox

The ArcGIS Image Analyst extension provides tools with which to analyze imagery data.

The capabilities of Image Analyst are grouped into categories (toolsets) of related functionality. Knowing the functionality of each toolset will help you identify the tool to use. The table below lists the Image Analyst toolsets with a description of the capabilities offered by the tools in each.


Change Detection

Группа инструментов Выявление изменений содержит инструмент для определения изменений между наборами растровых данных.

Classification and Pattern Recognition

Инструменты классификации и распознавания закономерностей выполняют регрессионный анализ и готовят сегментированные растры для использования в создании классифицированных наборов растровых данных.

Deep Learning

The Deep Learning toolset contains tools that detect specific features in an image and classify pixels in a raster dataset.


The Extraction toolset allows you to extract a subset of pixels from a raster by the pixels' attributes or their spatial location.

Map Algebra

Алгебра карт (Map Algebra) – это способ выполнения пространственного анализа путем создания выражений на алгебраическом языке. С помощью инструмента Калькулятор растра (Raster Calculator) вы легко можете создать и запустить выражения алгебры карт, которые выдают набор растровых данных.


Группа Математические содержит инструменты, выполняющие математические операции на растрах.

The tools are grouped into four main categories:

  • Math

    The tools at the top level of the math toolset perform basic mathematical operations on rasters in the following categories: Arithmetic, Power, Exponential, and Logarithmic. Also included are tools that alter the sign of the raster values, as well as those involved in converting the values between integer and floating point.

  • Conditional

    The Conditional math toolset allows you to control the output values based on the conditions placed on the input values.

  • Logical

    The Logical math toolset contains tools for performing logical evaluations on rasters in the following categories: Bitwise, Boolean, Combinatorial, Relational, and Conditional.

  • Trigonometric

    The Trigonometric math toolset contains tools for trigonometric calculations in several categories: Regular, Inverse, Hyperbolic, and Inverse Hyperbolic.

Motion Imagery

The Motion Imagery toolset contains tools for managing, processing, and analyzing motion imagery, including full motion video data.

Multidimensional Analysis

The Multidimensional Analysis toolset contains tools for performing analysis on scientific data across multiple variables and dimensions.


With the Overlay analysis toolset you can weight and overlay several rasters to create a single summary raster result.


The statistical tools perform statistical operations on raster data.

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