An overview of the Features toolset

The Features toolset contains tools that allow you to create cartographic features for topographic products.


Calculate Magnetic Components

Computes the magnetic field at point locations for given date and altitude.

Generate Adjoining Sheets Features

Generates features necessary for display in a typical topographic map adjoining sheets diagram.

Generate Elevation Guide Features

Creates data required for an elevation guide diagram surround element as required by various supported map product specifications. This tool leverages existing banding and thinning tools to generate output elevation band features, spot height features, and hydrology features.

Generate Spot Heights

Creates elevation point features based on contour tops and depressions. Elevation points are created in each top and depression. Point height values are populated based on a digital elevation model.

Generate Topographic Contours

Creates and smooths contours from an input raster.

Identify Contours

Identifies types of contours and applies hypsographic codes to input features.

Tools in the Features toolset

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